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Experience full, natural and lustrous hair again! Here at World Class Studio, we specialize in providing nonsurgical hair replacement designs, from lace front hairpieces to skin front hairpieces to custom wigs and premade hairpieces to custom wigs. Whether you're experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, female or male pattern baldness or just thinning hair, you'll be thrilled with our natural, nonsurgical hair replacement designs! Contact us in Atlanta, Georgia and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for nonsurgical hair replacement, including lace fronts, custom wigs, and hairpieces.

 Some of the most profound advancements in hair replacement have taken place in the non-surgical sector. Due to the limitations of current drugs and surgery,a fuller,more natural looking head of hair can be best acheived through this process. Commonly accepted,this process has been embraced by the entertainment and music industries and used extensively in the general population. To date non-surgical procedures are the only methods which can give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. 

  It is done by selecting the finest quality human hair to match your own hair with three very important criteria involved: color,density and wave or curl. These qualities are crucial in the satisfaction of a client. And since every person and hair style is different from person to person,a consultation is key to determining what is needed to make your appearance the best it can be. So please call us today for a free consultation to have the hair you've always wanted. 

Dedicated to Excellence
Trust our experts at World Class Studio for premium hair replacement. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, we specialize in providing high-quality human hair, whether you're interested in custom wigs or hairpieces. We are a very private studio, not a hair mill, so you can rest assured that we will maintain a one-on-one professional relationship with you.

 Known for our quality hair, we have clients in the entertainment industry, and we're listed as a provider on the database  of  the American Cancer Society™.

  We provide hair for both men and women—view our testimonials to see what our clients have to say!

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