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Testimonials about Our Hair Replacement

Dennis Before

"You know, I tried everything under the sun to stop my hair loss and eventually resorted to wearing hats all the time. Now, I'm a pretty outgoing type of person, but my hair did bother me, deep down inside. Then I came across this safe method of getting my hair back. After I had it done, I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it—I looked like I did it just before my wedding day! People I haven't seen in a long time told me I hadn't changed a bit. Friends who knew me well, believe it or not, couldn't figure out why I looked so good. One guy asked me if I was working out! I got compliments all night long. I just wish I had done it sooner."
Dennis Hopkins | Orlando, FL

Dennis After

Guy R. Before

"This is the most amazing thing. It's just like my own hair—it is my own hair! After I get out of the shower, I style any way I want to. My wife and friends were amazed after the process was completed. This new hair looks and feels like my own. I look younger and I feel younger. I would recommend this to anyone!"
Guy Roncallo | Cocoa Beach, FL

Guy R. After

Ryan Before

"I went through the process because I looked like I was 37, but I'm only 24. All my friends have full heads of hair and I was the unfortunate one. I feel a lot better now that I look my real age. I'm single and want to remember my 20s as being wild, fun, and crazy. And since I fixed this problem, that's exactly what's happening—I'm having fun!"
Ryan Thor | Age 24

Ryan After

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